Capital Improvement Project

In 2018 there were 80 kids enrolled in 4-H and 29 enrolled in FFA who used the fairgrounds not only during the fair but for weigh-ins, meetings, practices, etc. There are around 390 kids enrolled at the public school currently. A good portion of our youth use these facilities. 

We are asking for your help to improve the fairgrounds for our youth in Custer County.


Here's why:

*The fairgrounds have a small amount of pens and as the number of youth enrolled in 4-H and FFA grows we are unable to accommodate all of the animals. Many of the stalls for the livestock are not well put together and have been "repaired". 

*The beef show has been forced to move to a very small indoor arena which is unsafe and unfair for the kids trying to show their animals. This is also the case with some of the swine and sheep classes. Because of this some of the classes have to be split, leaving a possible unfair advantage or disadvantage for the kids and their animals. 


*The indoor project building is small, not well lit, and there are too many projects to fit inside the building. There have also been some problems in past years with projects being tampered with because there is not enough room to safely lock them up to protect them. We extend an invitation to the community to enter their projects in the open division. These classes include photography, fine art, quilting, sewing, and woodworking, just to name a few. 

*Last year, in 2017, we got a heavy rain during the fair and it flooded many of the pens as well as the show ring. Volunteers were out with sandbags trying to salvage the arena before the swine show that was to start in an hour. 

*The office for extension staff is very small and becomes easily crowded making it difficult for them to complete what needs to be done to ensure a good county fair. 

*The small animal building is not properly ventilated which makes the rabbits and poultry overheat easily. It is also a very small space and difficult to maneuver around in, especially during the show and when visitors are trying to view the animals. 

Please see images below that show the current state of the fairgrounds.


This is how we would like to fix it: 

We have been working with a Denver University Team to see what our options are to improve the fairgrounds. As soon as we get these plans finalized, they will be posted on this site. 

We would like to make sure all of the fairgrounds needs are met, therefore preventing this from having to be done again in the near future. We plan to build facilities that can adequately and safely provide for many generations to come, but we cannot do it without the support of our community. Please consider making a donation to the Custer County Fair.