Includes chicken, waterfowl (ducks & geese), turkeys, and pigeons
Check in: Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 3:00 pm
Judging: Thursday, July 15, 2021, 10:30 am
Superintendent: Sue Roberson

1. All entries must be recognized breeds according to their purpose i.e. meat breeds, egg production breeds, all-purpose breeds and fancy show breeds.
2. Cockerel (male) or Pullet (female) are birds less than one (1) year of age.
3. Cock (male) or Hen (female) are birds older than one (1) year of age.
4. A crossbred or hybrid trio for egg production shall consist of 3 pullets only, no cockerels.
5. A crossbred or hybrid trio for meat production shall consist of 3 pullets or 3 cockerels.
6. For all divisions of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and pigeons, all birds must be identified by leg bands conforming to the entry form upon arrival.
7. Other class designations may be established by superintendent if entries warrant.

All 4-H/FFA must complete the showmanship class for their species:

1. Show Birds
        a. Showmanship
        b. Breed
2. Egg Production
        a. Showmanship
        b. Breed
3. Ducks
        a. Showmanship
        b. Breed
4. Pigeons/ Game Birds
        a. Showmanship
        b. Breed
5. Turkeys
        a. Showmanship
        b. Breed

Showmanship Classes:
1. Senior Showmanship
2. Intermediate Showmanship
3. Junior Showmanship

1. Meat production chickens need proof of order by May 1st with a delivery date between first week of May and first week of June (6 to 10 weeks prior to show check in)
2. A single market chicken entry will consist of three birds of the same breed, variety, age, and sex.
3. The combined weight of a pen of 3 fryers should be between 13.5 and 18 pounds. They should be less than 10 weeks old.
4. The combined weight of a pen of 3 roasters should be between 18 and 27 pounds and be between 8 and 12 weeks old.
5. Market turkeys should be at least 14 lbs. and no more than 40 lbs.
6. Market ducks must have been hatched after the first of the current year and should be between 7 to 10 weeks old and weigh between 5 to 8 pounds.

1. Young Meat Trio of Roasters
2. Young Meat Trio of Fryers
*An Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion will be awarded.

Classes will be organized in order by large fowl type, breed type, sex and then age.
If there are 3 or more poultry of the same breed, sex and age, they will compete in one class together.

Large Fowl Breeds
1. American Class (Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks and etc.)
2. Asiatic Class (Cochins, Langshins and ect.)
3. English Class (Orpingtons, Australorps and etc.)
4. Mediterranean Class (Leghorns, Minorcas and etc.)
5. Continental Class (Hamburgs, Polish and etc.)
6. All other Standard Breeds (Ameraucanas, Old English and etc.)

Bantam Breeds
1. Game Bantams (Old English, BB Reds and etc.)
2. Clean Legged Bantams (Dutch, Japanese and etc.)
3. Feather Legged Bantams (Cochins, Silkies and etc.)

Grand and Reserve Champion will be awarded for Show Birds and Egg Production

Birds must be at least 16 weeks old.
A copy of the egg production record is required if hens are laying. Birds will be judged on health, vigor, uniformity in type, weight and production.

Egg Production Hens: 1-3 laying hens may be shown in a pen. A maximum of two pens may be shown in any of the above breed classes. 

Eggs ONLY (no hen(s) brought to fair) – Eggs exhibited must have been produced by hens owned by and cared for by the exhibitor. A single entry will consist of a dozen eggs with a limit of two entries per exhibitor per breed. Exhibitors may sell 1 dozen eggs, produced only by the exhibiting chickens at the silent auction. Exhibitors will deliver eggs to the fairgrounds to the buyer at 4pm on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 and must be properly sanitized and refrigerated prior to delivery.

Grand and Reserve Champion of Meat Pens and Egg Production hens may sell at Junior Livestock Auction. Remaining 4-H/FFA poultry can participate in the silent auction. No commission will be withheld from animals in silent auction. Exhibitors are responsible for filling out the silent auction form including a minimum bid. Purchasers or exhibitors will pick up the animals on Saturday, July 17th, at 4pm.

1. Ducks - Lightweight drake
2. Ducks - Medium weight drake
3. Ducks - Heavy weight drake
4. Ducks - Lightweight hen
5. Ducks - Medium weight hen
6. Ducks - Heavy weight hen
*An Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion will be awarded

1. Young breeding tom born in current year
2. Old breeding tom born prior to current year
3. Young breeding hen born in current year
4. Old breeding hen born prior to current year

*An Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Champion will be awarded.

Pigeons & Game Birds

1. Pigeons

2. Game Birds