1. Children under the age of 8 will be eligible to participate in the Open Livestock and Small Animal classes. The child’s parent or legal guardian must be present and a resident of Custer County.
2. Youth must pre-enter a minimum of 1 hour prior to the appropriate show.
3. Due to safety concerns - no bats, sticks, whips, canes, or other devices will be allowed in the open pig show.
4. Open class large animals brought to the Custer County Fair expressly for the open shows will not have stalls. They will be brought in the day of the show and be taken back home after showing.
5. Open classes will follow the 4-H and FFA shows for that same animal class.6. Small animal open entries will be allowed to remain on the grounds for the duration of the fair if desired by the owner and if there are enough pens, giving priority to 4-H/FFA participants. The Fair Board declines any liability for these animals.