Judging: Friday, July 16, 2021, immediately after Goat Show
Superintendent: Lynetta Gillmore

General rules:
1. The Champion Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Showmen from the Horse, Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Goat shows will compete in the Master Showmanship Contest.

2. Master Showmanship participants must compete in the first animal class they qualify in. If the Champion Showman of an animal class is unable to compete, the next highest qualifier may compete in their place. In the event there is not a Showman for an animal class, the animal class will be dropped from the competition.

3. Contestants must show their own animals in this contest and trade with other contestants at the direction of the judge.

4. Contestants will be judged on their skill as showmen and on the appearance their animals make before the judge. The breed or individual conformation of the animals shown will not be considered. The judge will consider the following items as the basis for awards in this contest:

              A. Fitting of the animal for the show
              B. Presentation of the animal in the show ring
              C. Appearance of the showmen
              D. Sportsmanlike behavior of the showmen

5. A grooming score will be determined during the initial animal class showmanship contest. This score will be used as a tie breaker, if needed.

6. Awards will be the following:
              A. Grand Champion Junior Showman
              B. Reserve Grand Champion Junior Showman
              C. Grand Champion Intermediate Showman
              D. Reserve Grand Champion Intermediate Showman
              E. Grand Champion Senior Showman
              F. Reserve Grand Champion Senior Showman