Sale: Saturday, July 17, 2021 12:00 pm

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General rules:
1. Market livestock sale rules will be reviewed on an annual basis with changes made as needed.
2. Exhibitors will be limited to selling only two animals of different animal classes (i.e.: 1 beef & 1 lamb; 1 beef & 1 swine; 1 lamb & 1 swine) and one meat pen of rabbits at the Market Livestock Sale. Exception: if the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of any animal class are owned by the same exhibitor, all the Champions will sell.
3. All Grand and Reserve Grand Champions will sell.
4. Market goats will be allowed to sell provided:
a. Market goat (wethers or does) must weigh a minimum of 55 lbs. and must be milk-tooth goats.
5. The sale order will be determined by class placing, rotating from light weight to heavy weight. Exception: Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will sell first. Beef sale order will be determined by the judge.
6. The sale weight will be the weight established at the weigh-in.
7. In order to sell Market beef animals, each exhibitor must present a bill of sale to the brand inspector prior to the sale.
8. Market swine must weigh a minimum of 220 lbs. and a maximum of 290 lbs.
9. Market sheep must weigh a minimum of 105 lbs. and no maximum.
10. Market beef must weigh a minimum of 1,000 lbs. and no maximum.
11. All exhibitors must notify the Fair Office of the animals they will sell. Deadline for this notification will be one hour after the conclusion of the appropriate show. Failure to comply results in the lightest weight animal being sold.
12. Marketing: Open competitive marketing will prevail. Animals are sold to the highest bidder. ONCE THE ANIMAL IS SOLD IN THE RING ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
13. Market animals do not have to be sold. However, if sold, the project is terminated. Project is terminated is defined as the animal may not be exhibited in any other show or competition.
14. Animals cannot be withdrawn from the sale after they have entered the sale ring.
15. A sale commission fee of 2% for all market animals sold will be charged by the Market Livestock Sale Committee. This fee will be used to promote the livestock sale and for buyers’ gifts for the next year.
16. Arrangements for the payment, trucking, slaughter, and processing of private sale animals must be taken care of by the exhibitor.
17. Only bona-fide 4-H age youth (no associate member 4-H youth) and FFA youth are eligible to sell at the Market Livestock Sale.

The United States Department of Agriculture Wholesome Meat Act applies to the sale of market livestock sold during the Custer County Fair as follows:
1. Animals must be in good health and carcasses free of drug or chemical residues.
2. Antibiotics and sulfonamides have required withdrawal periods.
3. Drug label directions for use and withdrawal periods.
4. If drug or other chemical residues are found in the tissue of carcasses, the entire carcass may be condemned. If drug or other chemical residues are found in the tissue of carcasses of animals sold through sales connected with the Custer County Fair, said show will in no way be liable or responsible for the condition of carcass or sale price of animal. Exhibitor forfeits all rights to the sale price. Before administering antibiotics and/or sulfonamides, consult a licensed and practicing veterinarian, or label directions of the drug.