Written test: Friday, July 9, 2021 6pm
Check In: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 8:00am
Judging: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 9:00am
Superintendent: Rhonda Livengood

Project exhibit rules:
1. The member must meet all requirements of the 4-H Horse Project to be eligible to participate in the 4-H Horse Show. These include submission of Animal Care and Housing Form, Lease Agreement, Animal ID, and all club and project requirements. Horse members must submit an e-record book a week after the Fair.
2. The member must have complete access to the horse at any time and must provide full care and management a majority of the time, whether the horse is owned or non-owned.
3. Base dates for computing the age of horses shall be January 1st.
5. Stallions are prohibited in all classes.
6. Only exhibitors entering the State Fair must take the horse test. There will be separate tests for Junior, Intermediate and Senior age exhibitors. Any Level I exhibitor is welcome to take the written test to accumulate points. Scoring will be on the American system.
7. All contestants must participate in the Custer County Fair Horse Showmanship Class.
8. No horse may be shown in the same class by more than one contestant.
9. Rules for all classes will be from the Colorado 4-H Rule Book.
10. All Gymkhana contestants must wear riding ASTM/SEI approved helmets with harness.
11. Unsafe horse or participant(s) may be excused from their class for everyone’s safety.
12. Disqualification/no time will be awarded no points earned in that contest.
13. Novice qualification is defined as a first-year competitor.
14. Point system has been changed to Award any rider who chooses to level up from the previous year 10 points. Scoring in classes will be the American system: 3 points for first place, 2 points for second and 1 point for 3rd place regardless of number of riders in the class.

Age Divisions:
Junior- Age 8-13
Senior- Age 14-18

Showmanship classes:
1. Junior Showmanship (Age 8-10)
2. Intermediate Showmanship (Age 11-13)
3. Senior Showmanship (Age 14-18)

Western classes:
1. Horsemanship – Novice, Junior & Senior Divisions
2. Western Pleasure – Novice, Junior & Senior Divisions
3. Reining-Novice, Junior & Senior
4. Trail – Novice, Junior & Senior Divisions

English classes:
1. Hunt seat equitation – Novice, Junior & Senior Divisions
2. Riding for control – Novice, Junior & Senior Divisions
3. Hunter under saddle – Novice, Junior & Senior Divisions

Gymkhana Classes:
1. Barrels
2. Poles
3. 75 Up and Back

1. Champion and Reserve Champion awards will be given to Novice, Junior, and Senior Divisions for Western, English and Gymkhana classes. Showmanship will be added into the total Western score. If a tie exists, the showmanship placing will be used. In the event of a continued tie, two awards will be given.
2. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be presented to the Junior and Senior exhibitors in each level with the highest accumulation of points combined in Western, English and Gymkhana, and written test score.